Meridians Health Check-up

As part of your health check-up/consultation process, a health report is generated (see below) using an Electronic Meridians and Collaterals (EMC) machine to measure the energy flow level of each meridian. The result can show how each of your body organ is performing in a scale report.

Based on the report and combined with the Catgut Embedding technique, Dr. Huong can help you improve the flow of qi/chi energy to the corresponding meridians in order to correct the imbalances and repair the non-functioning areas of the body.

What are your 12 meridians?

In Traditional Medicine, meridians are channels that form a network in the body, through which qi (vital energy) flows.  Meridian-based therapies are based on the concept that a disruption in the flow of qi/chi energy can result in compromising the immune system, making the body susceptible to many unwanted conditions and diseases. In other words, blocked qi causes pain or illness.

In total, there are 12 meridians on each side of the body: 3 yin meridians (heart, lung, and pericardium) and 3 yang meridians (small intestine, large intestine, and sanjiao) of the arm, 3 yin meridians (liver, kidney, spleen) and 3 yang meridians (urinary bladder, gall bladder, and stomach) of the leg.