Metabolic Balance

What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance program, originated in Germany, is a scientifically proven nutritional concept which help you to have a: safe, healthy and sustainable weight loss; better hormonals balance (support for menopause); stable blood sugar and improved cholesterol levels; reduced and stabilized blood pressure; improved sleep, mood and digestive system; alleviation of inflammatory joint problems … and many more healthy benefits to your body naturally.

Metabolic Balance program can be used to treat the following conditions:

AcneChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)
AllergiesCondition after Breast CancerIron Deficiency Anemia
Allergy / chemical dissolverCondition after CancerIrritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Allergy to BerriesCrohn’s Disease – Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)Joint Discomfort
Allergy to Citrus FruitsDepressionKidney stones
Allergy to EggsDiabetes MellitusLactose Intolerance (not hereditary)
Allergy to FishDigestive DisordersLactose Intolerant (inherent)
Allergy to GlutenDiverticulitisLiver / Gall Bladder Disorders
Allergy to GrainEczema / NeurodermatitisMenopausal Symptoms
Allergy to Grass PollenEndometriosisMigraines
Allergy to IodineFavismMultiple Sclerosis
Allergy to Milk (cow’s milk)FibromyalgiaMycosis (candida or fungal infections)
Allergy to NickelFlatulenceOsteoporosis
Allergy to NutsGall Bladder Disorders / ColicPolycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Allergy to Pomaceous Fruit (seed fruit: apples, pears)GallstonesPsoriasis
Allergy to RyeGastric Complaints / DisordersReflux / GERD
Allergy to SeafoodGoutRheumatoid arthritis
Allergy to Stone FruitsGraves’ diseaseRosacea
Allergy to YeastHashimoto’s ThyroiditisSkin Disorder
Ankylosing SpondylitisHay Fever (pollinosis)Sleep Disturbances / Insomnia
ArteriosclerosisHeart failure / cardiac insufficiencyThyroid Dysfunction
AsthmaHyperacidity / AcidosisUlcerative Colitis – Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Cardiovascular DiseaseHypertension / High Blood PressureUrolithiasis / Urinary Calculi or Stones
Cholecystectomy (removed gall bladder)Hyperthyroidism (over-active thyroid)Urticaria / Hives
Chronic Gastritis – PangastritisHypotension / Low Blood PressureVertigo / Dizziness

Metabolic Balance generates an individual nutrition plan specifically to fit your body and metabolism, which takes into account your current health, your unique blood values and your current nutritional status as illustrated below: 

Client Data
Blood Value
Other Preference
Medication History and Food Preferences

All of your medications and illnesses will influence the creation of your nutrition plan, hence the foods recommendations will be adjusted based on this specific conditions. For example:

Medication and Illnesses
Medications and Illnesses

As you go through the program (usually only after the first 2 weeks), you are likely to experience: an improved quality of life, increased energy levels, deeper and more restorative sleep, improved hormone balance and the ability to reduce/maintain a healthy weight

Please book an appointment with Dr. Huong for further consultation.

How does Metabolic Balance work?

(1) Consultation with Dr. Huong >> (2) Blood test >> (3) Detail introduction of your tailored MB plan >> (4) Start your plan.

Your plan will be divided into several phases:  phase 1 & 2 take 16 days to reset your metabolism and prepare your body for the new change with your own personal food-list;  the subsequent phases can take weeks to months until your have reached your desired weight and well-being.

After phase 1 & 2, you would feel the positive changes in your body immediately (for example: you can lose from 3-5 kg for over-weighted patient; experience better sleep routine and increase your energy level).  After 3 months, your metabolism and insulin production will return to a healthy level and, as the result, you will learn to become familiar with your body’s inner hunger signals and will be able to identify the foods your body really needs.  At this stage you are recommended to retake your blood test to see the full positive results.

Below is an example of a nutrition plan for an overweight male patient (42 years old, BMI = 45.2 kg/m2  – Obese Class III, High Blood Pressure and Asthma):

Sample recommended food list for overweight patient with HBP and Asthma.

How much does it cost:

  1. Blood test with Medlatec at home or at clinic: 1,5tr vnđ
  2. One off and up front payment for consultation, guidance and regular health check up for the first 3 months: 18tr vnđ*

* please check with your health insurance as it might cover if you use it for treatment purpose (e.g gout, joint pain, sleeping disorder, etc).

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Metabolic Balance – How it works?

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