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From Patients

“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis many years ago when I was 19 years old. The illness is a chronic one that goes in and out of remission. I am a British citizen and so have a British consultant who has prescribed many different drugs to try and deal with the problem, one of these drugs a steroid has many terrible side effects, damaging the liver and kidneys.

When I came to Vietnam I was encouraged to try a new treatment practiced by Dr. Huong’s ‘implants’ that involves putting a small sutures under the skin at strategic points on the body, the implants stimulate the acupressure points and help to unblock energy channels in the body.

I have been receiving this treatment for two years now and am delighted. I no longer have any symptoms of the colitis, which over such a long period is incredible. In the past I could have expected many weeks of pain and discomfort. Dr. Huong and her implants have literally changed my life, I do not bleed, take drugs for appalling pain and now I even do not feel the need to take Masalazine a drug I was prescribed to prevent the constantly open wounds in my body turning to cancer.

I am now trying to persuade the British consultant to take this treatment seriously after nearly 25 years this is the first time I have been well.”

Sandy Infield

“I became interested in alternative medicine while in England. I had a problem that western medicine did not have an answer for. Homeopathy helped me and it also helped my son who suffers from asthma. From my success with alternative treatments, I became open to other forms of medicine.”

Bettina Greiser Johns

“I am a young and fit adventure travel specialist and kayaking instructor working in Vietnam. I just felt so tired, tired all the time. I had two treatments with the implants and have never felt better. I still feel great eight months after the treatment.”

Ken Fudge

“A friend in Hanoi called Julia Richards brought me to see Dr. Huong, and she treated my back with acupuncture implants, the result was incredible! This is the first time that any treatment has helped.”

Vere Rowsell